Red Pilled /MGTOW

The Problem of the Red Pilled / MGTOW Men ...

You act like Children...

We go for the Roller Coaster in order to understand the Ride...


We want to understand The MGTOW Alternate Perception of the Red Pilled Man...

I believe many Red Pilled

( And Blue Pilled ) Guys and some MGTOW men have mostly an Alternate, Quite Dark perception of women...


Although some women are bat shit crazy,  not all are...

And Lets be honest: who suffers the most? The one on who this list of tricks is pulled or the one who pulls these tricks all the time? 


Hoe EXHAUSTING it must be...

No wonder these kinds of abusive women have a burn out and Lie for 15 Years straight on the couch...not accomplishing anything, living on welfare...


What are the problems for Alternate Perceiving men with Over_Abusive and Over_Hypergamous women?

(For more on Natural Law, Go To SatanSucks.EU )

When You (As An A.P. Man) Approach, Date  or Marry some Women:

(Remember: This Web Site is about unresponsible men ( 70% ) and abusive women: an estimated 15% of all women.

The ones with a runaway biology...

Not all women....)



It is better to stay Single, than to date THIS...:


Here is a list: if more than 5 things happen every week, There is but one thing you can do: RUN...

A) They trick you with "Shit-Tests" you do/did not even know existed.

B) They "Break Your Balls" every time you disagree with them.

C) They lie to you.

D) They try to bribe you with sex.

E) Sometimes they act like abusive men.

F) They criticise this Web Site or the www.SatanSucks.EU Project with crappy arguments.

Which Prooves scientificly without a Doubt; 

Abusive Women are              ( Mostly ) Morally Bankrupt.

G) They Act Irrational, Not Able or Willing to Listen, Process Information, Make Moral Decisions with that information: Not Able to Reason like an Adult.

H) They Abuse You by calling names, saying things that are not you, nor about you.

I) They Abuse You Making use of Semi-True things, or things that are too complicated to contradict.. 

( Pushing Your Buttons )

J) They Steal from you.

K) They Dump You for another guy.

L) They talk Trash of You having Sex with them behind your back.

M) They expect You to pay every Date, when they have a job.

N) They call it Mysoginy ( Hatred Of Women, Because Of Their Gender ) to even utter this factual List about Abusive Women to them.

O) They Resist Proven Natural Law Opinions, and pretend Your in Natural Law and in Science Based Opinion is wrong.

P) They Lie about Loving You...

Q) They falsely accuse you of Rape, Sexual Harrassment or worse.

R) They Marry You, Tricking You into giving away Half your Income when they Divorce.

S) They make you Fight a senseless battle for your kids, house and stuff: you allready lost before you Walked in the Judges office.

T) They let You pay Alimony when they have Governmental Child Support, A Job and they have Sale at the Health Insurance Company for the Kids are Minors.

Furthermore, the Government pays most of the Kids' Education.

And the Woman has allready got Half the worth of Your House, Car, Savings and Even the Dog.

U) They Cheat with other men when You are In a Relationship with (Them?) You...!

V) They compare You to "Tarzan" . That is their Vibrator.

W) They start Screwing or Hitting You without Good Reason.

X) They Ignore You without Good Reason.

Y) They Toy with Your Sexual and Loving Feelings all the time.

Z) They snitchingly say: "Its bad Perception" when you point this List out.

( That is Gaslighting )...

( Gaslighting is Questioning the Sane Mans Just Judgement ).

More than 5 things ( Total ) from This list of Abusive Female Behaviours ( of any woman You date ) is what I call: Mysandry

( Hatred Of Men, because of their Gender...)





This is what we are going to discuss on the next pages.

1) You are At A Disadvantage when it comes to Abusive Women.

So You Should Not Even Bother to Invest in Them.


2) They see it as a Game.

Don't Play Along...

You do not have to play their Game.

3) Time for Male Prohibition of Female Shit Testing and Why.

4) Male Prohibition of Marriage and Why.

5) Why Natural Law?

6) Why MGTOW?

7) Don't pay for more than Half of the Dates with her.

8) Don't Argue with Abusive Women.

Just Walk Away, Because You will lose that Arguement, Especially when You are Right.




10) Become a Monkstyle ManCaveMan...


12) STOP watching Beta TV Shows: Where the Abusive woman is placed upon a Pedestal and the Man is Kicked to the Floor all the Time...


13) Recognise: Most Abusive Women are Morally Bankrupt.

If they had a Grain of Self Respect left, they would go to www.SatanSucks.EU and Test all video materials upon it without a Fight.


14) NEW Rule 4 men towards Women.

No Morality and No Financial Equality = No Relationship.

Lack of Unconditional Love = No Reason to trust any (Wo)man who doesn't show Unconditional Love...


This list is heavy to swallow.

The message is clear: Just give up and walk away from over_Hypergamous, Over_Abusive and Over_Manipulative women...


Be ware: This is not about all women...

Just the crazy ones...😋😋😋

Book with a positive outcome for Both men as women...:



Why Women manipulate men...


Author: Charlize Venter...

A quick summary of Hypergamy, Manipulation and Shit tests ...:

It is not wrong...its Just How Women deal the cards...